Winterizing Your Garden Plants

We’ve had our first hard freeze in the Fargo/Moorhead and Minnesota Lakes Region, so here’s a quick reminder on a few the things you should be doing to your garden right now. Get Busy Gardening, an online gardening resource, says this is the best time to winterize your plantings

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Safer Decks Bring Peace of Mind.

We too often take our decks for granted, assuming that the builder followed all of the best practices. We also assume that after years of service, and often neglect, it’s still in satisfactory condition. Check out this news clip to see why these assumptions can lead to tragedy.

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Preparing the Cottage or Cabin for Winter

Cooler nighttime temperatures, the changing colors of the trees and shrubs all indicate that the seasons are changing and Summer will soon be gone. While Fall brings with it so much beauty it also brings a number of tasks to get ready for the Winter to follow.

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Fireplace Safety

It's that time of year when we start to light up the fireplaces for more than just ambiance. But first, a word of caution from Mid America Inspection Services.

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Ten Ways to Protect Your Home Against an Invisible Killer

Each year there are about 175 Carbon Monoxide related deaths in American homes. Fargo/Moorhead as well as the Lakes Region will unfortunately see their share of these. We can prevent 100% of these deaths by taking proper precautions.

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Water Heater Efficiency, Effectiveness and Safety

We all need some attention from time to time to not feel neglected and become depressed. Fortunately, appliances don't suffer from depression, but they really do need some attention from time to time. Hidden away in some dark recess of your home is the lowly water heater. It performs its assigned task quite often for more than a decade, with little attention or maintenance. Although it seldom complains, it could certainly benefit from a couple of changes and some routine maintenance.

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Mid-America Inspection Services

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