Winterizing Your Garden Plants

We’ve had our first hard freeze in the Fargo/Moorhead and Minnesota Lakes Region, so here’s a quick reminder on a few the things you should be doing to your garden right now. Get Busy Gardening, an online gardening resource, says this is the best time to winterize your plantings

Vegetables and annuals are going to be killed off and your perennials will have most of the foliage go dormant as well. Most perennials just need trimming and a heavy dose of mulch or leaves around their bases to be ready for the cold. However, it’s a good idea to check online or with your local garden center for any specific information you might need.

This is a great time to pull up all your annuals and add them to the mulch pile. Consider spreading 2 to 4 inches of chopped leaves or other mulch over your annual beds.

Plants that have bulbs can be dug up and stored for the winter while in their dormant state. Make sure you remove all the dead foliage before putting them away.

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