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Water, Your Homes #1 Enemy

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 10/29/2017 - 14:48

Water, Your Homes #1 Enemy

If you should Google the top 10 own problems found by home inspectors you will find several lists that are not in total agreement. The reason for this quite simply is different markets, different housing supplies and to a certain degree different inspector's emphasis.

In a market with largely older homes you will find a certain set of prevalent problems, while in a market with largely newer homes you might find a slightly different set of problems.

One thing is certain though, regardless of the market regardless of the housing supply, a common problem is water. We can't live without it. Your house might not be able to survive with it.

There are several sources of the water that may be a problem for your house. Water can come from a leak in the water supply or drain system, a backed up toilet, or even the kids playing too enthusiastically in the tub. Unless ignored, this type of water problem is typically a short-term annoyance. You correct it and a month later it's forgotten.

More troublesome are whether water sources that are more persistent. Some of these can be readily corrected. Landscaping should drain away from the structure approximately an inch per foot for the first 10 feet. Gutters should be installed and maintained properly to course roof water away from the structure. Ideally, roof water is should be discharged at least 6 feet away from the structure.

Other sources of water can be more costly or at least more difficult to remedy. Damage roofing or damage flashings on the roof can lead to long-term and sometimes undiscovered damage in an attic and the lower extremities of the house. The best course of action here is to monitor the condition of the roof covering and flashings at least annually and after any inclement weather condition.

Less frequently observed or leaks around windows and doors. These are almost always a result of improper flashing at the windows or doors. Fortunately, this is most typically found in remodeling efforts where the remodeler may not have been technically proficient.

Some of these are readily observable by the homeowner. Others may require accessing difficult to access or potentially dangerous portions of the house and may not even be observable when the weather has been dry.

These are a few of the sources of water entering the house. Uncorrected, they can lead to decay of wood, damage to other components and the growth of mold or mildew. A proper and complete home inspection by a Mid-America Inspection Services can often detect the majority of these. The use of modern technology allows your home inspectors to detect things that are not visible otherwise.

If you have concerns about water entering your house. Call Mid-America Inspection Services for a complete home inspection that will not only detect many problems with the house but also offer maintenance and home improvement tips to help avoid future problems.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 10/29/2017 - 14:48