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Inspecting the home you plan on selling

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 14:09

Inspecting the home you plan on selling


I have to admit that recommending a presale home inspection is a little self-serving for a home inspector. That’s not to say it isn’t a good idea.

The basic reason for having a home inspection presale or when getting ready to purchase is the same. No one wants a surprise. Surprises are expensive and time-consuming. So, why should someone preparing to sell their home get a home inspection?

Probably the best reason of all is it can save you money. I know every salesperson in the world is willing to explain you a great detail by spending money can save you money, but think of this, if during the home inspection that your potential purchaser has done, he finds defects that need addressing. What are your options at that point? You can have the situation rectified, you can offer a reduction in price to cover the defects correction or you could potentially lose a sale.

You remember the old adage about a bird in hand being worth two in the bush. This is certainly true in the case of having a purchaser who loves your home but has some hesitations about some of the things he has discovered about the home. It is far better for you to be in control of the situation by being aware of potential problems with the sale moving forward and having time to consider what you feel is an appropriate response.

Another old adage, of course, is that time is money. While not literally true, it certainly is the case that as long as you own the home you are paying the mortgage, you are paying the taxes and you are paying the utilities. The bottom line in that situation is that anything that moves you through closing faster is worthwhile doing.

A presale home inspection can give you a competitive edge on other similar homes in your area. Even though in all likelihood, potential purchasers will want their own home inspection, a pre-sale inspection can give them an assurance that their own inspection will go well without major findings.

After you do have a presale inspection, do you really need to fix everything found by the inspector? Probably not, although it makes a lot of sense to fix those issues that are most likely to scare off a potential purchaser. Perhaps the most common issues found in home inspections are water issues be they external such as landscaping and properly guided gutter systems or internal like leaks in the water supply system or drain waste and vent system. These repairs make a lot of sense even if you decide not to sell at some point. Other common areas that can become deal killers are foundation problems such as cracking, indications of water leaks and roof problems such as aging, damage or leaking roof coverings and flashings. Again, even if you decide not to sell you want to address these issues to help protect your investment.

What should you do if there issues you cannot readily afford to address? Discuss these with your Realtor and certainly include them in your disclosure. Acknowledging them allows them to be included in your listing price so that a further discount may not be called for.

A pre-listing home inspection, just as the home inspection of the home you are preparing to purchase, can provide peace of mind and most will consider that well worth the price.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 14:09