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Halloween Safety Tips from NFPA

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 13:41

Halloween Safety Tips from NFPA

As parents we all are aware of the risks involved in Halloween, poorly lit residential streets, excited children with focus on candy not cars, and the necessity of checking the goodies collected.

We can dress the kids in reflective or light colored costumes and insist they carry glow sticks or flashlights.

We can follow along to watch for hazards.

We can go through the goodies looking for anything pranksters, or worse, might have done to the candy.

And, before they set out we can do a fire safety check. I bet you forgot that one but to help provide a safe and fun time to the kids you should do a quick check for these hazards.

Choose a costume that doesn't produce a trip hazard by a long trail of fabric, and make certain the eye holes can really be seen through.

Have glow sticks attached to the costume and goody bag. A good flashlight can also help reduce trips and falls.

Many of the decorations used at this time of year, dried flowers, corn stalks and crepe paper readily ignite so keep them away from candles, incandescent light fixtures and heaters.

Candles really are not needed in pumpkins or other decorations now that artificial candles and glow sticks are readily available. If you really feel a need to use candle, make sure there are no flammables nearby that might catch on fire or where children might decide to play with them and check your smoke alarms.

If you are celebrating Halloween inside or maybe have a haunted house keep exits clear so a quick escape can be made if needed.

Remind your children on their Stop, Drop, and Roll lessons just in case. You might even want to have them show you after they get in to their costume.

Wishing you a fun scary Halloween with no regrets the next day.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 13:41