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Fourth of July Fireworks

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 06/15/2019 - 12:16

Fireworks Safety

In just a couple more weeks it'll be the 4 July holiday and in addition to hot dogs and hamburgers there always seems to be fireworks.

In America, fireworks have become an intricate part of the day’s celebration, but not without some real inherent hazards.

Every Fourth of July, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of people injured by both accidents with fireworks and injuries from improper use of fireworks.

Health and safety experts throughout the nation recommend not using them at all but rather attending public displays that are performed by professionals throughout the nation.

Let's face it, professionals are much less likely to be injured or cause injury to spectators and the displays can be much more lavish and spectacular than most individuals could ever afford.

Some safety tips though, if you're in an area where fireworks are illegal.

Don't ever let kids play with fireworks. Firecrackers and rockets are obvious dangers, but don't forget they ever popular sparklers. They can get as hot as 1800°F, that's nearly 1000°C. At that temperature, you can melt gold.

Remember to buy only legal fireworks from authorized distributors. While any fireworks can be dangerous, illegal fireworks are even more so.

No matter how well you did in chemistry, don't be tempted to make your own fireworks.

You should only use fireworks outdoors and away from any combustibles.

Keep a garden hose ready or bucket of water to extinguish anything that does

get out of hand, even a fire extinguisher could help.

Stay a safe distance from anyone who is using fireworks. Not only does it put you at a greater risk, you might actually distract them from the safe operation by your presence.

It's also highly recommend that you wear eye protection, never ignite fireworks while you're holding them in your hand, and of course never point fireworks at anyone, even when you're joking.

Warn children not to pick up any fireworks they find on the ground after the display is over. Some of these may not have ignited properly when planned, but could go off at any time.

Once again, never point fireworks where they might land on houses, bushes trees or other flammable items. The National Fire Protection Association tells us that there are more than 50,000 fires caused by fireworks each year and guess what day of the year most of them occur.

In spite of all your precautions, it is still possible for injuries to occur. Be prepared and have a plan. Because of the extreme heat fireworks produce, even a small burn may go deeper and require proper medical attention. Get medical help immediately, particularly if the eyes are involved.

July 4 celebrates a very important part of our history, but it should be a celebration not a time to incur injuries.

At Mid-America home inspection service we wish you the very happiest and safest of Fourth of July imaginable.

Have a great one!

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 06/15/2019 - 12:16