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etting Ready for the Home Inspection

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 12:48

Getting ready for home inspection does not have to be a frightening event.

No doubt, you and your Realtor have already discussed making your home appealing to potential buyers.

The basics are simple in preparing for a home inspection by Mid-America Inspection Service. Frankly, we're not arbitrators of tasteful decorating. We are concerned about safety and functionality during the inspection. Remember, a home inspection does not pass, nor fail a house. The whole purpose is to provide our clients, your potential purchasers, with the information they might need to help form the best decision for their family. The fact that they have scheduled a home inspection indicates that they are serious about your property.

As a start, you might want to keep the dishes out of the sink and have soft music in the background and it has been suggested sending all your teenagers to grandmothers for a month is also a good idea. Actually, that might be a good idea even if you're not selling your house; everybody needs a break once in a while.

Hopefully, reading a few of our suggestions will ease mind about having your home inspected.

A Mid-America Inspection Service home inspection visually inspects the landscaping and exterior of your home, including foundation, siding,  windows, doors, fascia, soffit, roof, gutter system and any protrusions through the roof. We would be looking for trees and shrubbery that might impinge on the house as well as the slope of the ground surrounding the house. We are looking for signs of damage or decay to the siding, windows, doors, and roof covering.


On the inside your house, we would need access to the electrical panel, the water heater, the heating and cooling system, as well as access to the attic, and crawlspace if there is one. You can help a lot by clearing any personal effects that might block ready access to these items out of the way and identifying any hat might be difficult to locate. This will also help reduce the chances of any damage to or soiling of your personal effects.

We will be checking appliances, lights, fans, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and the condition of ceilings floors and walls. Will also flush toilets, test your jet tub, run water through all the sinks, tubs, and generally check for leaks wherever plumbing is visible throughout the home. Any maintenance you can have in advance will obviously display your home in a better light.

Please leave any required keys and remote controls available to allow the inspector to access those areas. If you have instruction manuals for various appliances and receipts for any repairs or servicing, you had done recently. It's a great idea to leave those out on the kitchen counter for the potential purchasers to review. Showing how well you've taken care of your home is never a bad idea.

It's not unusual for a complete inspection to take three hours so you might want to plan an activity away from home for at least that much time. How about a double feature at the local movie house where you can relax, enjoy, and perhaps think about having your new home inspected?

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 12:48