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Making a home more aging friendly Aging in place safety issues.

Making a home more aging friendly

Aging in place safety issues.

Buying a new home or remodeling a current residence, making our homes better serve our needs as we “mature” is often just a matter of a few simple changes.  These changes can make your home safer, easier to navigate and more comfortable and comforting.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 07:44

Ready for winter check list

Ready for winter check list

Those beautiful fall colors forming on the trees and shrubs are not just for your enjoyment. They are also a warning that cold weather waits just around the corner. Those, who do not heed the warning, run the risk of spending more money this winter than they need to and not being as warm and cozy as they might like.

These suggestions can help you be as cozy as can be this winter and not break the bank at the same time.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 12:04

Winter's Sure Approach

With the “construction” season just about over and fall coming around the corner its a good time to start crossing items off your exterior home inspection checklist. Getting a head start before the snow starts falling can save you time and costly headaches.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Thu, 09/29/2011 - 19:13

Getting the Summer place ready for a Summer of fun!

Lets make our summer place as carefree as possible by hitting the maintenance or potential maintenance items right out of the box.

Start by making a few 'phone calls.

If you use fuel for cooking and/or heating call the provider and have them check fuel levels so that when you arrive there will be fuel.

Call your local electricity provider and have the power reconnected.

Make sure your "guy" has de-winterized the plumbing system and don't forget to have the septic checked and pumped, if needed, before the crowd arrives.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 21:50

Ten Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

As the weather become more favorable to actually venturing outside and our own energy levels seem to rise with the temperature I thought I would reprint an article provided by InterNACHI providing hints of where to expend some of your energy and save some real expensive energy this Fall and Winter.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sun, 05/01/2011 - 15:53

The Holmes Syndrome, extreme home inspection

I love HGTV and given the opportunity will watch countless hours of it. I'm not too big on the Realtor and designer shows but I try not to miss the ones where any hammers and saws are used.

One very popular show, of course, is the Holmes on Homes and the spin off Holmes Inspections. These provide a lot of informative entertainment on problems with houses.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 03/05/2011 - 16:17

Top 10 steps in preparing your cottage or cabin for that long cold winter sleep

When the changing leaves signify fall is upon us and although it brings with it one of the most colorful of seasons it also signifies that the summer is past and it’s time to shut the summer place down. Here are a few of the important tasks to remember to protect your cottage or cabin and allow you a little peace of mind while away.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 02/19/2011 - 09:52

Help for Homeowners at Inspection Time

Recently several homeowners have said to me “I didn’t know how long the inspection was going to take.” or “I didn’t know you needed in there.” Often these same homeowners have spent hours “preparing” for the inspection by making their home super neat, super clean and super aromatic. These actions are appreciated and useful during showings, but don’t improve the inspectability of the house.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 02/19/2011 - 09:32

Spring Cleaning and Lead Paint

A little hard to believe looking out my window but Spring is just around the corner. When Spring comes Spring cleaning can't be far behind. All in all a ritual with much merit but in need of some caution.

Submitted by SterlingBrown on Sat, 02/19/2011 - 09:23
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